Gollito Interview

Tuesday, 28 July 09

Gollito is the only rider from Four Dimensions who is not on Maui in April, as he is training in El Yaque for the 2009 Freestyle World Tour. We felt bad for him and had a quick chit chat.

Four Dimensions Team: Gollito, you had a hard winter. First you broke your shoulder, then El Yaque was not windy as usal you think that you are ready for the upcoming season?
Gollito: Yes I was training two months in Brazil and my level was high, but after only some weeks, I broke my shoulder. Now in El Yaque this winter the wind was not so good, i think i need to train a little bit more for this season.

FD Team: What is your personal Goal for 2009?
Gollito: I want to be the best Freestyle rider in the world, like 2008 and also think a lot for the new movie with andre marcilio victor..

FD Team: With Marcilio you have now one of your strongest competitors in your own team. How does that feel?
Gollito: I feel now i have more competition with marcilio now he is in my team i think this is very good for 2009 and we will we see what happens.

FD Team: You working now as a part of a big crew on the Movie Four Dimensions. Can you tell us something about it?
Gollito: I think this movie will be one of the best windsurf movie ever. Andre and Peter are working on that movie, and the whole FD team are help them for this movie. I can’t wait to see the movie, because people are already talking about the movie FD

FD Team: One destination for filming gone be Egypt. We know from previous short clips that this place suits your style. Can we expect any unseen
Gollito: egypt is very good place for freestyle i was there last year and i like a lot.. I want to show some move i hope we have good condititon for egypt for make the movie ever..

FD Team: Please tell us your travel plan for the next 4 month?
Gollito: I’m going to be in egypt with andre and some guys from brasil. also fuerteventura filming for the movie also in gran canaria.

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