Víctor Fernández López

Saturday, 8 August 09


Full Name: Víctor Fernández López
Place of Birth: Almería (Spain)
Age: 25
Sailing or Editing since: 20 years ago
Discipline: Wave
Favourite Moves: Front side 360, Double Forward, Cut back
Professional Sailor or Editor since: 6 years ago
Major Results/Projects of your career: Vice Wave World Champion 2007/2008
Future Plans: Keep doing Windsurfing Movies and focus on the Wave World Title.
Whats makes the Four Dimensions Movie special for you?: First big Movie project for me and nice people to work with.
Sponsors: Fanatic/North Sails/Quiksilver/MFC


FD: Victor we see you sailing in Pozo so safe and controlled like not much other people. How you got used to that strong wind?
Victor: I am used to strong winds since I am young. We get strong winds at home in Almería and Pozo and they are the spots I have been sailing the most until now. I like to sail on small gear to give more high on the moves.

FD: Can you explain me the feeling 1sec before you hitting a 3 meter ramp, fully overpowered on your 3.7?
Victor: I concentrate a lot before hitting a 3 meter ramp so overpower to get maximum altitude and control. Concentration and speed is everything get the control in strong winds.

FD: You are one or the highest jumper on Tour. Did you hurt yourself once?
Victor: Actually jumping I did not hurt myself so much, only once in Pozo landing a double forward on the same wave I took off. I landed with my back on the white water and my chin was blooding so I got 3 stitches on it. I
hurt myself more in waveriding, specially my ankles.

FD: Your action on Maui was the same kind of impressive. Was it hard for you to get used to sail on Maui?
Victor: The first time I went to Maui it was so different to the conditions I used to sail in Spain that I was struggling a bit. It was 7 years ago. Nowadays I enjoy more and more sailing at Hookipa, I love waveriding so

FD: Tell me on funny story of making this movie happening:
Victor: I think one of the most fun anecdotes was the Helicopter filming at Pozo. It was really fun.The pilot of the Heli was flying so low that sometimes I thought I could crash in some jumps. When I see the footage and
pictures sometimes he is like just 3 meter from the water¡¡The crowd at the beach was really surprised of seeing the Four Dimensions Helishooting…


  1. Gabriel says: March 31st, 2011, 09:28

    hey Victor! Gabriel is, I do not know if you remember me, I have written many times on your website. I am your best fan french!
    I’m really happy to follow you at all times in all that you did, and I will continue for very long!
    You’re my idol, I would really like you so my godfather! you willing?
    In any case I will follow you forever and I hope you will not forget me!


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