Sebastian Dörr

Saturday, 8 August 09


Full Name: Sebastian Dörr
Place of Birth: Berlin
Age: 27
Sailing or Editing since: sailing since 13 years, editing since 7 years
Discipline: allrounder
Favourite Moves: moonwalk
Professional Sailor or Editor since: 2005
Major Results/Projects of your career: wetandsalty
Future Plans: becoming a famous cinematographer
What makes the Four Dimensions Movie special for you?: high quality, great shots, sick moves, all great names in windsurfing involved.


FD: What is your job on this DVD?
Sebastian: On the canaries I was filming together with Peter the freestyle and wave action of Gollito, Victor and Brownzinho. Back home in Germany was looking for some old footage of the freestyle guys to have a little flashback in the movie. Later on I edited the Extra parts and the trickbook section of the DVD and put everything into a menu.

FD:Can you explain to us what we can expect from the Movie Extras?
Sebastian: I am not sure yet but I think we will see some private, relaxed and not filming like shots from the guys where you can get a clue of their personalities. Also you will find a big trickbook section where you can have a specific look at all the moves of windsurfing. And you will be able to see the Clips I made for Andre in the past in full quality.

FD:What is for you the most memorable thing of the movie?
Sebastian: Trying to keep Peter calm while he was going nuts because of no wind and waves in Pozo. And the interview with marcilios father.


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