Erik Peter Svensson

Saturday, 8 August 09

peter_webFull Name: Erik Peter Svensson
Place of Birth: Mjöbäck, Sweden
Age: 27
Sailing or Editing since: Sailing since 1999, editing since 2002
Discipline: Work, work work
Favourite Moves: to watch: high backloops, To do: waterstarts
Professional Sailor or Editor since: Amateur.
Major Results/Projects of your career: “Life” Campaign film and “Four Dimensions” movie.
Future Plans: Vacation.
What makes the Four Dimensions Movie special for you?: The collection of riders. These are the guys I wanted to film, and Andre brought them together. Special also was to try to be a father for the first time, working with Gollito in Fuerte. Now I understand my parents better ;)
Sponsors: None


FD: Peter what is the idea behind four Dimensions?
Peter: The Four Dimensions is an action movie. The whole idea is to show the absolute sickest and newest moves in all disciplines. And honestly I don’t  see that many more people being able to do it better then Brawzinho,
Gollito and Victor.

FD: How did this Project started?
Peter: Started by Andre gotten me drunk in Jeri, and I signed a piece of paper at 4 am at a local Forro place.

FD: By filming on so many places all the time. How much footage you Catched during all that time?
Peter: I don’t know. Honestly, the deadline for the movie was so tight in the end, that I honestly think we haven’t captured all! But to answer your question… About 100 tapes (60 minutes ones…)

What was the hardest part of all the work?
Peter: Everything and nothing. This is what I love to do, so I can not complain. Who can complain about travelling, filming and deciding your own working hours…

What is for you the most memorable thing?

  1. Loosing my waterhouse in Pozo at 45 knots, trying to find it with snorkling gear. unsuccessful.
  2. Getting arrested (and released) in Egypt for filming public amongst children and women.
  3. Filming with 2 helicopters in Maui at the same time. Andre in the second one.