Marcilio Browne

Saturday, 8 August 09


Full Name: Marcilio Browne
Place of Birth: Fortaleza
Age: 20
Sailing or Editing since: 1994
Discipline: freestyle and waves
Favourite Moves: Double loops, Push forward, wave 360
Professional Sailor or Editor since: 2005
Major Results/Projects of your career: Freestyle world champ 07, Freestyle vice world champ 08 , Fuerteventura PWA winner 07 and 08, 4th PWA Cape Verde 09, 2nd PWA Austria
Future Plans: Keep sailing, improve on both disciplines! Maybe fight for awave title someday, would be a dream !
What makes the Four Dimensions Movie special for you?: Its a new way to show windsurfing with sick locations, moves and angles!
Sponsors: North Sails,  Fanatic, Chiemsee, ION, Kaenon


FD: We see you inside the Movie on Wave and freestyle Boards. Are you proud of being diverse and good in 2 disciplines?
Marcilio: Yes, i am very happy for doing ok in 2 disciplines. Its very hard to combine both, as you have to travel and practice 2 times more than you would doing only 1 discipline . The level as very hi on both disciplines, so i am stoked to be one of the guys pushing the sport .

FD: I think your real love is the wave sailing. Explain me the feeling of riding a wave?
Marcilio: Its very cool because every wave is different from the one before, so it never gets boring. Also there is a lot of freedom, you can do whatever you want and as long as you are having fun you’re doing good!!

FD: We did film together on Maui on some pretty big days. Are you scared some times about waves?
Marcilio: Sometimes I get scared for sure, i come from a place where the waves are super small, so i am not really used to big waves But anyway, its good to feel scared some times, because it pushes you to overcome that and go a bit further every time .

On every Wave Session we see from you many moves inside the Wave. Do you think that freestyle helps you here and do you think that this will be the new direction of wave sailing?
Marcilio: For sure, its very hard to find a place that provides waves everyday, but freestyle is different, you are in the water all the time. That makes you a bit more connected with your gear, and in a good shape, so it really helps when you go to waves i guess. Also some freestyle moves come from waves( ponch, wymaroo). So once you practice them in flat water it gets easier to put it on a wave i guess.

Paskowski can tell, he was landing 360’s and Goiters on his second day in Hookipa!!!

FD: Tell me one funny story of making this movie happening:
Marcilio: Almost killed Paskowski in Egypt. I felt really bad after. I tried an air funnel and the mast went straight in his forehead full speed. I thought it would be really bad, but in the end nothing happened. Thanks God


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