Jose Gregorio Estredo “Gollito”

Saturday, 8 August 09


Full Name: Jose Gregorio Estredo “Gollito”
Place of Birth: Porlamar, Magarita, Venezuela
Age: 20
Sailing or Editing since: 12 years
Discipline: Freestyle, Wave
Favourite Moves: Air Funnel one handed, Burner
Professional Sailor or Editor since: since 6 years
Major Results/Projects of your career: 2 times World Champion Freestyle, 1 vice World Champion Freestyle, 4 times Venezuelan Champion Freestyle
Future Plans: I will try to go as long as possible with the freestyle and push here the Limits even further.
Whats makes the Four Dimensions Movie special for you?: I think special is that we filmed with lots of different angles. Especially the Helicopter Footage and the Crane footage from Dahab is impressive.
Sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails, Ion, Dwarf8, Smith, Vestal


FD: Gollito, the Level of freestyle seem to explode in the past couple of years. Most of the newest moves are invented from you. Were do you see the level go in the future?
Gollito: Well the level is very high but i am sure we still can improve our level. I think that in a few years we will see higher moves, faster moves and new moves. I will try to be still up there!

FD: You not only are expert in flat water freestyle – you also know the Jumping side. Do you see a chance for moving into the wave discipline?
Gollito: I don’t think that i will do the waves. I will compete on events which are connected to my tour plan like Pozo or Sylt were we have a freestyle event in the same time. But i don’t see myself in real Wave Events like Cabo Verde or Maui. But maybe there is a little chance that i try a few Slalom Events. I am sailing Slalom in El Yaque a lot and i think that in a couple of years I will enter the PWA Slalom.

FD: Can we expect inside the movie a few new moves?
Gollito: Yes there are a few new once we filmed! Just check out the movie.

FD: Tell us a funny story of making this movie happening:
Gollito: On one filming session we went for a camel trip in dahab. It was interesting but my balls hurt lots.


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