Andre Paskowski

Saturday, 8 August 09


Full Name: Andre Paskowski
Place of Birth: Rostock, Germany
Age: 27
Sailing or Editing since: Sailing since 21 years, filming since 5 years
Discipline: Freestyle
Favourite Moves: Shaka, Air Flaka
Professional Sailor or Editor since: Professional Sailor since 6 years
Major Results/Projects of your career: 2 times European Champion, Producer of the Wet and Salty DVD and the Four Dimensions Project.
Future Plans: Enjoy life, Keep on sailing, Doing good result and work on big Movie and Photo Projects. And then soon also having a family :-)
What’s for you special on the Four Dimensions Movie?: I think special is that we are a bunch of young guys who want to create a windsurfing movie with love. It has been a nice team and each person put in the most possible afford. I think that the result is great and showing lots of new angles, nice tricks, beautiful lifestyle images and all presented in a good qulity.
Sponsors: Fanatic, North, Ion, Oxbow, Smith, Powerbar, Windjeri


FD: Andre, you are sailor and producer. Is it not hard to do both thinks at the same time?
Andre: Yes it is. But it is fun in the same time. I love to windsurf and i go every time i have the chance. But I think that our Sport has so much to offer and there aren’t many good products which show that. I had lots of fun on working out something good to present our sport in a good way.

We see lots of Helicopters, Cranes, Dolly Systems, many Location etc. It looks like a high budget movie. Who finance everything?
Andre: Good question. First we did not really sort of something that big. But i watched the team and the results on each location and i just decided to go more and more for something big. I mainly invested my own money plus
having some support out of the industry and Pousada Windjeri. You know a opportunity like this comes not many times and i think i did the right thing by deciding to make it big and bigger.

FD: I remember interviews, were you say that the times for selling DVDs are finished and you concentrate to do Online movies.
Andre: Yes thats true. And i think that the times to sell a DVD are not the best just because people have such high technical standard at home. But I believe that there will be always space for a high quality product. I hope that people respect the amount of work and budget which went into this project. It would be a shame if people starting to copy products like this and producers getting scared to work on products like this.

FD: Now you are ready with the filming and the editing process is running full force. Whats your work for the movie right now like?
Andre: Well there is still much to do for me. I am working on Posters, Shirts, Promotion, Website, Print Magazin Articles and Premieres.

Were we will be able to see the movie the first time?
Andre: I confirmed 2 days ago 2 dates in a proper Cinema on Sylt. We will have a show in a 350 seat cinema on the first Saturday (26.09.) and 2nd Friday (02.10.) during the PWA World Cup.

FD: You best moment on the movie?
Andre: So far it was having 2 Helicopters over Camp One (Spot on Maui) in the same time. It was impressive and something new that we did there. We got amazing footage but the way to that point was stressful. Clouds, Rain and no Waves… And we did not know if we should go or not. We went and it was worse it. But i hope the point when the movie on Sylt is starting will be in the End the best and most memorable thing of the full project.


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