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Friday, 11 December 09

Who likes „Four Dimensions“? Four_Dimensions_cover

Rich Page, Manager of the PWA

„Four Dimensions is a dynamic and exciting departure from previous windsurfing movies. Not only showcasing the explosive nature and intense technical capabilities of modern windsurfing, but also bringing new and progressive production techniques to create an inspirational film. Compared to many of the great “legends” movies previously released, Four Dimensions also leads us into the future of windsurfing, turning the spotlight on some of the most talented young sailors in the sport. Already accomplished competition sailors, these riders are the new champions of windsurfing who will lead our sport into its next evolution. Whether familiar with windsurfing or not, I challenge anyone to watch this film and not want to just go out and do it!“

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Andre Paskowski

Buckhoop 20

22419 Hamburg

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