Big Premieres around the World!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 09

Last weekend we managed to have 3 premieres.

The first one right in the middle of Hamburg at Bar.rock. With Free Beer and nice Music. Thanks to Windsurfjournal Magazine to have the movie there!!! Feedback after the show was good.

The secound premiere was in Almeria. Victors Homespot. Around 100 joined to watch the movie first time in spain. Also here the feedback was good.

The highlight of the weekend was then around 4 hours later and 10.000 kilometers away in Brasil. Club Ventos hosted the Big Jeri Premiere and all Town was waiting for it! 200-300 People joined and it was hard to get a seat if you were not there 1 hour before the start.It felt really cool as jeri was also the place were we filmed the last section of the movie ust 8 weeks ago.

People really loved it and gave great feedback which was maybe also the reason why the night ended in a massive Halloween Party :-)

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