Back in Hamburg

Wednesday, 9 September 09

Well i am back in Hamburg. Nice to be in my house but also missing Jeri. I am working to get msuci and production ready. Peter is working on the main movie. Brasil is ready edited and “only” a little bit a marcilio Part is missing. Basti is also back in Hamburg and he works on the extras and changing all the extras to NTSC.
I am going on saturday up to Peter to have final look. Main movie should be ready. Then Next Monday i will go down to Bastis house with the movie and have a final look to the extras. Then on the 17th is the day to go into production. DVDs ready for shipping then 25th of September if everything runs as planed.
So the time has come – almost. If you want to secure still the 10% pre order discount then this are your last days now.
Have Fun / Andre

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